1. I made this birdwatching notebook for beginners a little while ago, it’s handbound and contains illustrations and information about birds and birdwatching.

  2. Visualizing conflicts

    This thesis examines information visualization as a method for displaying research in the public domain. An initial discussion on existing research provides a methodological framework for the project. Using action research, data found in the Human Security Report is visualized into a series of posters. These posters depicts three different perspectives of world conflicts between 1946 and 2010 and can be understood as an examination of the possibilites of communicating complex data to the public.

    (Source: lisasigebrand.se)

  3. shycowards:

    & the original

    (via kikubz)

  4. before i handed in my screen and said good bye to the screenprinting studio, i did a cmyk-print of one of my friend kirstins photos. this is how it turned out.

  5. fragments

    a poster consisting of fragments of photographs in triangular shapes, with the mutual theme of memories. a thought or experience does not become a memory until you have distanced yourself from it. similarly, to recognize the shapes as photographs you must step away from the poster.

    (Source: lisasigebrand.se)

  6. experiments with a broken lens

  7. wine packaging

  8. a serie of typographic posters based on quotes about wine. each poster had to include a brand logo created in the first part of the project. the posters are screenprinted with hand-stitched type.

    (Source: lisasigebrand.se)

  9. världens finaste par och världens finaste bröllop

    wedding photography,
    lars and emmy